The Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 comes bigger and better than ever before. One of the changed features is the redesigned heel collar which means a snugger fit over its predecessor. It's also reported to be one of the most flexible running shoes on the market which is an added benefit in any running shoe.

Since it's classified as a stability type in the trainer market it obviously has stability features and good ones at that. The main feature which is bragged about by many runners who acquire this shoe is the SmoothRide Engineering present which stabilizes your feet upon you moving it to accelerate.

Even though this running shoe is in the stability category many runners find that it has excellent cushioning and some what better than even many cushioning running shoes are currently on the market. This could be from its design but also its sock liner which is in place to increase comfort but also be used as moisture control and stop bacteria from forming in the same places.

With the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 you can expect to run up to 350-500 miles in them as the soles wear out. This is common in many running trainers as the cushioning fades over time. With this in mind if you are a lighter runner or run on softer surfaces it could last a bit longer. It still copies very well on had surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.

A finding of many running enthusiasts and experts is that the toe box on the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 is much wider than the older versions of this running shoe and also provides much more space and room than the others can afford. This is good news for runners who are suffering from blisters from their old pair or often find their old pair too tight.


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