A microwave oven, or microwave, is a unique kitchen appliance that can solve all your cooking related problems in just a few minutes. Coming in different sizes and styles, it basically employs microwave radiation to cook or heat the food. The polarized molecules within the food get excited from the rays that are emitted from the magnetron. The excitation is uniform, since the food gets heated up from all the directions. This exceptional heating technique could have been rarely seen in any other cooking appliances. Although the rays are dangerous when used without proper guidance but they prove to be extremely useful when it comes to heating and re-heating the food in the microwave ovens.

It was in the year 1970, when this small and magical home appliance came into the limelight with full swing. Since then, it has never turned back and today we could see the market flooding with these small wonders.

Microwaves have become a household commodity these days. Small and basic microwaves could be found in every home. Owing to the hectic daily schedule it's now mandatory to have one at your place for your cooking needs. We look for something that can do our work in few minutes and microwaves are becoming more commonplace. This is one time saving appliances, which is becoming popular with each passing moment.

The concept of microwave oven was ambiguously discovered in 1946 by Dr Percy Spencer, while testing a vacuum tube called a magnetron. After severalventions the real microwave came into existence in the year 1947. It can heat, cook and thaw foods in just a matter of few seconds. The sole purpose to provide a quick and easy way of heating food is rapidly catching up in the Indian market. The best advantage is that it ensures that the nutrient value of the foods is preserved.

There are three types of ovens available in the market viz. Standard microwave oven, Microwaves with grill and Combination microwave ovens. There are various other features also like sensors, turntables, upgraded defrost systems etc, which make it an identical unique and stylish home appliance.

Today, there are a number of microwave ovens for the customers to choose from. Latest microwave ovens from LG and Samsung are incorporating newer technologies to tap the market further. Now, it depends on the customers to choose the best microwave ovens for them.


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