Men's wallets come in a variety of functional styles. In addition to the ever popular bifold and trifold styles, there are also credit card wallets, money clip wallets, front pocket wallets, and wallets with chains. Whether you are selecting a wallet for yourself, or as a gift for a man, it's important to know what style choices are available, and the benefits each has to offer.

Functional styles should have considered first, before thinking about what material the wallet is made from, or the brand name of the wallet. Here is a quick overview of the most popular functional styles of men's wallets.

  1. Bifold – as its name implies, the bifold is a wallet that folds in two. It is typically kept in the back pocket.
  2. Trifold – this wallet has three panels instead of two. A trifold is usually not as wide as a bifold, but thicker. It is usually kept in the back pocket.
  3. Credit card – a credit card wallet is usually a bifold, but longer than the standard bifold. Some credit card wallets can fit into a back pocket, but others are too long and must be kept in a suit jacket pocket. Credit card wallets are for men that have many credit cards and like to take them everywhere.
  4. Money clip – a money clip wallet is like a money clip attached to the outside of a wallet. The money clip holds cash, while the wallet holds a few credit cards, a drivers license, and any other necessities. Money clip wallets are usually kept in the front pocket.
  5. Front pocket – a front pocket wallet is a designed to be thinner than a standard wallet, so that it can be comfortably transported in the front pocket. Some styles are curved, to hug the curve usually found in the front pocket of jeans.
  6. Wallets with chains – Just like the name says, it's a wallet with a chain attached. These wallets are typically bifold or trifold style. The chain attaches to a belt loop on the back of the pants.

Most men carry their wallets in the back pocket. However, this can lead to poor posture and lower back problems. A front pocket or money clip style can help improve posture and tie lower back pain.

Remember to get the right functional style first, before you consider materials or brand names. There's no sense buying a beautiful wallet that does not meet the needs of the person receiving it.


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