What will be the status of your mobile phone if it is bereft of a mobile phone charger? Chargers are the life of mobile phones, just as the heart is to the human body. It is an inseparable tool of every mobile phone- for both personal and professional purposes.

With the coming of newer phones, users are increasingly becoming aware about the chargers. Mobiles are nothing without chargers. Due to this, many malls, stores and even food joints have begun to keep charging panels wherein the customers or guests can charge their cell phones free of cost. This is an invaluable service that they are providing, especially in an emergency. You don’t have to worry about rushing home or carrying the charger wherever you go.

Most of the manufactured mobile phone chargers are lithium-ion batteries. One doesn’t need to replace the batteries but simply charge them. Popular mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Panasonic provide the buyer with the charger while he is buying the phone. This makes the mobile more safe since not all phones can use a single, same charger. Each mobile has a distinct charger, made to suit with the compatibility of the phone. Otherwise, the phone may malfunction or develop complications.

Also, never overcharge a mobile. This will lessen the life of the battery, that is, not give the amount of usage it should be providing. Again, if you lose your mobile charger or it gets destroyed for whatever reason, buy a new charger from a reliable and reputed shop because they will think twice before giving you an unauthenticated charger which might harm your cell phone.

Wind Chargers

In UK, wind turbine specialists have developed a prototype of an “Orange Wind Charger” which uses kinetic energy to charge a mobile phone battery within two hours. This new-age mobile phone charger weighs only 150gms.

The main advantage of the wind charger is that it is completely portable. You do not need to find any connections for charging. The portable generator has to be attached to the mobile battery and connected into a central control box. This wind charger can be used anywhere. It is also better than solar chargers since solar chargers are limited to day light only. They fail to work in cold climates and night-time.

This system is currently not into mass production and neither is its cost per unit known, but still, it has a high potential to change the way in which cell phone chargers work now.

Therefore, cell phone chargers are an important part of your mobile purchase. With technological advancements making chargers more portable, it will soon erase your tension regarding charging your phone.


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