It's official AT & T has announced the first ever US 3D Smart-phone and it's an Android! This unbelievable new phone has the one thing that no other phone on the market has, yes, 3D. There has been rumors of a phone like this coming to the US for some time now. Some were saying it was going to be the HTC Evo 3d and others claimed it would be a Verizon phone. Now, at last, we see a new dawn in smart-phone technology brought to us by AT & T.

The LG Thrill features a large 4.3 "LCD screen with glasses-free parallax barrier technology. It also has a screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. phone apart is the two 5MP cameras on the back to shoot 3D stereoscopic pictures and videos.
3D video capture and viewing on a hand-held device is something that may sound like science fiction to some of us but the reality is, it's here now. This device is going to revolutionize smart-phones and cell phones across the entire market. It is a matter of a short time before the other major carriers start to release there new 3D phones.

One question being asked with this new technology is, how good will it work when it first comes out? The people at LG have cut this problem off at the pass. It's being reported that along with this phone users will have access to a brand new space call the LG 3D Space. This area will be accessible through the device and will feature 3D games and 3D video content. This also allows for a certain area to be developed just for 3D capabilities. It's likely that the idea will evolve into each carrier having there own exclusive 3D "space."

Now on to one of the better aspects of this phone, it's an Android! Along with all the other powerful features of this device it also comes loaded with the Android 2.2 Froyo platform. What this means is you get a full access pass to over 150,000 apps currently on the Android Market. You also get the user-friendly open-sour layout most Android users have come to know and love. Along with this they are also including the much anticipated Android Gingerbread update.

This phone has the potential for incredible speeds that will leave even the Motorola Atrix 4G in the dust. Combine that with full 3D technology, the Android market and one amazing screen to see it all on, and you have the most amazing smartphone-phone to hit the United States in history. The official release date of the phone has not yet been announced. Furthermore, the official price has not been released to the public. It's possible this new phone will launch at $ 299 with a two year contract but that is pure speculation at this point. Be rest assured when the time and price is released this will change our mobile world as we know it.

Tech Specs:

• 4.3-inch stereoscopic LCD screen
• OMAP 4 dual core, dual channel 1GHz CPU
• Dual channel RAM
• 8GB onboard storage
• 8GB preloaded microSD
• Glasses free 3D
• Android 2.2 (Froyo)
• 3D video recording at 720p
• 2D video recording at 1080p
• HDMI-out


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