There are some new mobile phone Operating Systems on the market these days, but the one that really shines this season is Windows Phone 7. It looks like Microsoft has a hit with this one! Its intuitive design and user friendly interface are incredibly versatile, even allowing the end user to create applications to suit their own needs using Microsoft Silverlight. It combines work and leisure seamlessly, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. It's also customizable with many downloadable free Windows Phone applications.

An intriguing application offered from a selection of free Windows Phone 7 add-ons, is the Spirit Level Application. This is a fun application that is designed to determine if a surface is level. You use it the same as a traditional level, laying it on a surface to determine if it is flat. By laying the phone on its back, the display will read out the results numerically, and if the surface is not level, it will tell you by how many degrees it is off. If you prefer the traditional look of an actual level, tip the phone to a vertical position and it brings up a display of a traditional style level, complete with the liquid in glass and a bubble that centers when the surface is level. It also offers the option to calibrate your device with the touch of a single button. This is a fun application, and added to your Windows Phone free, you can not beat the price.

Now that we have an outstanding mobile operating system, we also need a mobile phone that is up to the task. As it turns out, several manufacturers within the industry have risen to the challenge, designing devices that provide brilliant displays, complete with the touch screen technology necessary to accommodate this intuitive operating system. This will be a fun challenge, as you will get a chance to 'test' all of those new toys. I reviewed several models, but my three favorites are:

HTC HD7 Black Smartphone has everything you need for fun and business. It has Live Tiles, which you can customize to your preference. It also features a 4.3 "pinch to zoom touch screen and comes with 16 GB internal memory. This World Phone offers up to 6 hours talk time and weighs 5.71 ounces LG Quantum is feature rich and includes 16 GB internal memory. suite of productivity tools as well as gaming and fun applications. It is a World Phone and features a slide out, full Qwerty keyboard and offers up to 6 hours talk time, but it is a little heavy at 6.21 ounces.

Samsung Focus comes with up to 32 GB memory, has a 5.0 megapixel camera, a music player with Streaming Radio, has productivity software including calendar, address book, personal organizer and more. This is a World Phone , so you can use it anywhere. One nice feature of this phone is the 6.5 hours talk time, and light weight of just 4.07 ounces.


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