The Lenovo W520 Thinkpad computer is designed for not only overachievers but also individuals who are looking to handle a heavy workload. This is evident in the presence of the power management feature that is designed to improve the battery life. This feature which is referred to as BatteryStretch gives users the option of selecting the most efficient power management plan on demand. The Lenovo Thinkpad W520 machine is the ultimate mobile workstation. Whether you are working on your employees' payroll or designing a poster, this machine will work for you at an ultra fast speed. This is due to the processor, a second generation Intel core i5, has the capability of handling the latest technology features and advanced graphics. The processor also supports multi-tasking by running different programs. This together with the rock solid reliability as well as durability that Lenovo offers makes this your work of choice. In fact, this machine outforms the standard laptops.

The Lenovo W520 is a reliable machine as it comes with a spill resistant keyboard, an internal roll cage as well as an active protection system that ensures your data is protected incase the machine drops. The display supports high quality graphics as it has a gamut of up to 95 percent. So, with this machine you can be able to have quality display in HD +, FHD and HD that is moderated by X-rite color calibrator that is also the first in the industry. The Lenovo W520 is also portable as its weight allows users to move and work from wherever they want. This machine also comes with security solutions that are built in. This is supported by ThinkVantage technologies, a feature that is exclusive to Lenovo. This feature allows users of this laptop to connect, protect, deploy and support your machine. The security solution is further enhanced by the password protection and fingerprint reader features that are integrated into the machine to ensure that you are protected from any potential external threats.

Other features of the Lenovo W520 laptop include a multi burner express card as well as a four in one card reader slot that allows you to manage your data effectively. The multi burner will work well with various formats like CD, DVD and HDD. Data management and sharing is also enhanced by the presence of the Bluetooth 3.0 feature. The machine also has an integrated camera that allows you to hold video chats as well as take photos and record videos. The keyboard promotions easy user as it is not only complete but also has a trackpoint and touchpad that has the finger reader capability. The machine's design is also professionally done. Looking at any Lenovo W520 review, you will definitely realize that the one thing that best describes this machine is that it is your ultimate mobile workstation. In summary, with the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 you can be sure to handle your work with ease without worrying about the machine slowing down. Thus, with this machine you can be sure of efficiency and high productivity.


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