Before Kinect even hits shelves in November, there are already Kinect accessories being unveiled to add some bells & whistles for your ultimate controller-free gaming experience.

Just in case you've been living under the rock, Kinect allows users to play games by moves rather than with a controller. Using the state-of-the-art sensor technology, it allows the motion-activated sensor to recognize your body and mirror your movements in the game, making you the controller.

This amazing new technology combines the use of a video camera, voice recognition software plus intelligent motion sensors making gaming completely controller-free and voice activated.

If you're one of those who are still on the fence about buying a Kinect, specifically because of space, take a look at some of these officially Microsoft-licensed accessories for Kinect which you can pre-order today.

Xbox 360 Kinect Floor Stand

The Kinect Floor Stand is the ideal solution for users without their own tripods. This sturdy, weighed stand supports the Kinect camera on hard or carpeted floors. The camera mounts on at the ideal height for play. The floor stand is perfect for for those without a ready placement for the Kinect.

Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount

The Kinect TV Mount Kit allows users to mount the Kinect camera above or below on flat panel TVs. The adjustable arms connect to the flat-panel TV's wall-mounting screw points. The mount supports flat-panels up to 60 inches.

Xbox 360 Kinect Wall Mount

The Kinect Wall Mount is the ideal solution for wall-mounted flat panel TVs and also home theater projectors. This space-saving mounting bracket allows Kinect when attached to the wall to rotate its full 40-degrees of yaw.

Xbox 360 Kinect Extension Cable

This 10 feet Kinect cable extension will let you put your Kinect pretty much anywhere you like in the living space without worrying about losing connection. Unless you're thinking of re-positioning your Xbox 360 or your new Kinect, you probably would not need to buy this over-priced extension cable.


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