When you're ready to upgrade your television to something more modern, like a plasma screen or large rear projection flat panel, most of the time you research the cost of the TV itself. It turns out there's a lot of other costs involved that you'll want to budget for.

We recently purchased a 65 "widescreen TV by Mitsubishi. It's a beautiful thing. is lighter (only 75 lbs instead of 300 lbs) and has no base of it's own. It's too big to mount on the wall so it needs a stand to sit on. store, but guess what? That thing cost almost $ 800! Wow, that's a huge percentage of the TV's price and definitely makes the final cost a lot higher. Surely there are other options.

Yes, there are. In fact, nearly every TV in the store had a stand to go with it and you can mix and match them to your heart's content. Some are mean for smaller TVs because they're only 40 "wide, so our 65" TV would not fit. There were others that were large monstrous wood pieces with multiple storage drawers and doors, plenty of space to put movies, room accessories, speakers, whatever. But those ran almost $ 2000 each. I wanted cheaper, not more expensive.

We ended up getting a glass stand that had a shelf below for storing things, but do not use it for that. We already had built in storage so that was not an issue. The biggest issues were height and cost. Yes, height. We were used to having the TV a certain height off the floor and wanted to get a close as possible to what we had. Did you know that there is an optimum viewing height specific to each room based on your seat height? Get it wrong and your picture will not look perfect. The one we picked was about 6 "shorter than before, but it's still within range of optimal viewing for our room.


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