Google and Apple have been releasing some amazing new technology in their new devices as they battle to have the best smartphone in the market. Note that the iPhone was launched one year before the first android phone. Currently Apple has a head start with a 27% share on the smartphone market as appose to Android's nine percent share. Does that absolutely prove that Apple's iPhone are better than Google's android phones? Do not judge so fast.

iPhone 4 is currently exclusively sold by At & t, although this may change in the future. Apple is capable of generating a rave of fans that is not seen with any other manufactures products. As a result people wait in long lines on launch day in hopes to be able to receive or preorder an iPhone. Apple generally has a solid core of loyal fans and users.

Goggle's Android powered phones are picking up pace in the smart phone market and are accelerating in sales growth quarter by quarter. Google's leverage is that they have more saturation of phones being manufactured by many different companies and have a presence in every major US carrier. A Perfect example is the Samsung Galaxy S which has a variation in four major US carriers plus in some European and Asian countries as well.

A new Android phone is launched every three to six months by different manufactures and and with improved specification from their previous generations. This fast paced life cycle keeps Android ahead of the curve in technology and future upgrades.

Android has the potential to become the superior smartphone but iPhone market share is still big enough to stand ground. It has been un-officially announced that Verizon will carry the iPhone early next year. Because phone can get apps, including windows mobile, BlackBerry and some prepaid phones, both Apple and Google risk getting stale if they can not bring something brand new to the table in future generation devices. Google needs a game changer while Apple is tapping into a defect well of potential customers. There is a need for more open source apps that are useful to daily life. Look into adding more fun by including some new hardware to use in connection with new apps. Maybe a heart rate sensor for joggers or a 3x optical zoom if it's at all possible.


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