If you are the proud owner of any electronic device, it is your responsibility to secure it with proper accessories. These accessories add style, comfort and elegance to your products. iPad being one of the most popular electronic gadgets of the 21st century the accessories of the same has also found to have a good market. You can choose from among the wide range of iPad accessories for protecting your gadget with pride. iPad cases are the best among them as it is essential to carry, protect and store your iPads safely. The following are some of the trusted brands that seem to have a good market pie on iPad cases.

Marware Eco-Vue
These iPad cases in the sleeve form has the ability to re-modify its shape to be used as a case, support stand on desk, grip and as a writing support for your iPads. The micro fiber made interior cushions provide your gadget with utmost care by acting as shock absorbers. The eco-leather which is environmentally friendly gives the users a signal for going green. This genuine case from Marware is priced at $ 24.71which falls in to a price range which seems to be reasonable.

Acase Leather Flip
These zipped multipurpose iPad cases are aimed at those people who travel a lot with their iPads. The genuine leather used in the case provides and elegant appeal from exterior and the sued lined interior makes sure that your iPad is kept away from being scratched due to any tiny materials.

Roo Executive Leather Case
These iPad cases from Roo are again another example of genuine leather accessory for iPads. Moreover they offer an executive outlook for the case which is essential for those business people. Apart from the above features, these cases offer various large and small compartments for carrying items such as pen, ID cards, small books, calculators etc. With a price tag of $ 37, roo is aiming to hit those business class iPad users.

Aida Key case Folio Deluxe
These iPad cases from Aida is for sure going to be a revolution among iPad accessories as it is one and only of its kind due to some unique features. The case offers a Bluetooth integrated keyboard along with the body of the case which can be connected to iPad through Bluetooth. What does that mean? Yes, its wireless. If you find it difficult to use the virtual iPad keypad always and when you are so used to use the laptop or desktop keyboard you can make use of the features provided in Aida Key case folio deluxe iPad cases. The keyboard can be charged via USB cable which can withstanding continuous usage up to forty five hours. After all these unique features aida markets the case at a reasonable price of $ 99.

Piel Frama Premium Leather Case
With tan lining, genuine black leather and magnetic closure features Piel Frama has come up with its latest range of iPad cases. The cases which boasts of the genuine Spanish leather body along with the magnetic closure and classy design is for sure something just one step above the normal iPad cases.


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