Not everyone has a laptop, but these days almost everyone who could need one has their own very laptop. However, not too many people are aware of touch screen laptops. And that is a shame because finding the right laptop with touch recognition function could actually go a long way to helping the user in school or business.

There are two varieties available with similar technology. The tablet PC, true to its name and form is a solid piece of screen that does not come with a keyboard and mouse. The user interacts with a stylus directly onto the screen. There is, however, the option of connecting a wireless or USB keyboard or mouse and most tablets come with the drivers to recognize most standard devices.

But when we say touch screen laptop, more often people who have heard of such a thing think of the normal laptops with swivel screens. It can convert into tablet form by turning the screen around and folding it back.

Both devices allow the user to create drawings, handwritten documents, diagrams and other such things directly onto the screen with a stylus. It also allows for flipping through and resizing media with multi-touch recognition. Objects and applications can be launch by interaction with the screen without the need for a mouse or touch pad.

The downside of such a design is the weakness in the hinge of the screen. Because it is built for flexibility it also gives up some durability you would find in a typical laptop screen hinge. While the screen itself is built with a protective layer, since it is expected to be hammered, it still unexpectedly wears from interactive usage.

Fortunately, as technology advances, these screens are becoming more durable with each new model. Manufacturers are well aware of the problem and a nice bit of money is always going to the research and development department of companies in this industry.

Since the weakness is in the physical build of the laptop, a good warranty is probably beneficial for many people. It can be expensive to repair, and usually too much money to buy another. Extended warranty packages are usually very affordable with any laptop.

Touch screen laptops make a great investment for people who would like laptops with more functionality in terms of input. The touch screen offers many advantages for many people and the user interface is much more intuitive than standard laptops.


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