HTC has a beautiful line up of phones that are attractive with nice features. Their series of phones include; some that are meant for personal / fun use, office, and personal and office, with features to suit the phone and customer needs. With all the competition that is out there on the market, HTC does a great job of keeping up with consumer demand and providing phones that are cutting edge.

The HTC hero is an amazing looking phone with many different face scenes. And you can pick and choose a scene and have it programmed to change with you as your day unfolds or your month schedule permits. This phone also lets you customize your settings so that you can group everything together under one contact`s name. Such as phones, emails, texts and updates. That allows you to see everything under one spot, instead of having to go into different programs and web addresses just to see certain things about a friend. This phone also gives you access to face book, Google talk, flickr and HTC peep, to allow you to stay connected to friends and contacts.

The HTC hero also offers a 3.2 inch screen, Bluetooth, GPS and a five mega pixel camera. You can also have access to lots of various applications through the Android Market. It also updates time and weather automatically as you pass through different time zones, which is a very cool feature!

The HTC maple is a snazzy little phone. It is easy to handle and you can do everything with one hand, because all of the features are within easy finger reach. It comes with high speed internet and 3G to make surfing the net fast and easy. It comes with Microsoft Office Mobile and has a full keyboard for convenience. With other programs such as Microsoft Outlook, you can check personal and office email merged into one. This phone comes with a 2.0 mega pixel camera, blue-tooth, and GPS to make this neat little phone a huge package of well equipped features.

The HTC snap is a great phone for personal and business use. IT offers a one touch button for easy access to emails! Which is a very handy feature … no more playing around with dozens of buttons and passwords! It has simple and quick features that make it a no-brainer phone to use and access programs. It also has voice activated Windows Live, so you can check into the things you need with the easy use of your voice. It also has a full keyboard, GPS and is Blue-tooth ready!

The HTC Touch Pro 2 is another stylish looking phone. It offers a huge 3.6 inch glimmering screen with a quick slide out keyboard. It can provide instant conference from anywhere with Microsoft Office Mobile; you can access all work and personal files. It also allows you to bundle calls, emails, texts and status updates for everyone on your contact list.

The phones available through HTC look great and come with amazing features that will impress even the biggest phone critique. With a look and style to meet everyone`s taste, these phones are a nice package. You can buy these phones through online stores and have a plan through them to get a phone for a cheaper price. They make a great gift for someone you love or for just you!


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