Google has launched its first ever mobile phone known as G1. The phone is going to work on the T-mobile network. It will function with the Android operating system. The Google G1 Android Mobile Phone has got a reasonable cost and the mobile is made available with some free contracts in UK. The mobile has all the latest features. It has a touch-screen that allows the individuals to access every functionalities on the phone by simply tapping on the screen. This mobile very well demonstrates its QWERTY keyboard that actually allows people to compose messages very easily. Although this is not a problem at all as the mobile has a touch sensitive screen while letters can be easily typed by simply tapping on the keyboard that gets displayed on the screen. The mobile is capable of searching internet at high speed. The 'one touch Google search' is good enough for this reason. The phone facilitates real web browsing and with it one gets easy access to every Google application.

Google G1 Android Mobile Phone is also good for messaging purposes coupled calling. This gadget can send instant messages, text messages and emails very easily. Its 3.2 MP camera is good enough for people to capture captivating pictures and videos. These can then be stored in the whopping memory of the device. The mobile can also be used to watch YouTube videos as its applications support it. This handset has a music player that is capable of playing music files in every popular format. It can also be used to play games that are either downloaded from the internet or are preloaded in the while memory of the gadget.

This fascinating gadget has made a new leap in the Android market. Now people using the phone can play games, go for social networking, do shopping and more with the aid of this mobile. People can also download wirelessly and can use the device for multiple purposes with new applications made available almost everyday. One of such application introduced in the phone is 'myfaves'. This feature enables you to call five favorite members. The calls can be forwarded to landlines and unlimited calls can be made easily. Then the presence of the 'Notification pane' also allows you to keep track of the missed calls, voice mails and downloads that are made.

People using the HTC G1 Android Mobile Phone can also have one touch access to 'google maps' and 'google calendar'. This phone is equally advantageous as it also has 'Gmail' and 'Google Talk' features. This mobile has high speed access of 3G and Wi-Fi networks. So internet can be easily accessed even if the person is on a go. Users can connect to Wi-Fi networks directly. This handset also functions on 2G and EDGE networks.


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