HTC's cell phones have all been state of the art with all the bells and whistles such as GPS, Touchscreen and e-mail capabilities. From the HTC Touch to the HTC Hero and the HTC Evo, nothing has slipped by HTC when it comes to features and functions of their cell phones. If anything, all HTC phones have a business look to them, which also helps customers choose HTC over any other brand. All of HTC's phones have everything everyone has come to love about smart phones. The HTC Desire sports version 2.2 of the Android operating system for mobile phones, is available on North American carrier US Cellular, and is also available on numerous European carriers, such as Singtel, Vodafone UK, Vodafone Ireland, O2, T-Mobile UK, Softbank and Virgin Mobile UK.

The HTC Desire has a full 3.7 inch active-matrix OLED screen, a 5 megapixel camera and a 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor. The touchscreen makes it easy to dial, text, go web surfing and the phone itself is very easy to lock, that way way you do not accidentally dial someone while you put the phone in your pocket. The camera actually has a flash that features face detection capabilities and Geotagging. Face detection is good for when the picture is blurry, the software will automatically detect the presence of a face and clear the picture up. Geotagging is the process of adding geographic identification to pictures, videos and websites.

When you turn the Desire on it's side, the screen follows in the direction you turn it. Using the 3-axis accelerometer, web browsing, live TV, sending a text message and e-mails are much easier. Some experts are comparing it to the Nexus One, Google branded phone. The internal part of both phones are very similar, but when it comes to the exterior and the features, there are many differences. For example, The Desire does not have dual microphones like the Nexus One does, but it does have noise cancellation software in the microphone it does have, which will help block out wind if you are driving in your car and talking at the same time , or if you are on speakerphone.

The Desire HD is also bundled with Adobe Flash Lite 4, which allows all websites using the videos and access websites on your mobile phone. Without the Adobe Flash Lite application, you can only access the website that require Adobe Flash Player from a Laptop or Desktop computer. The Desire also has Google Turn-by-Turn navigation, FM Radio, Facebook and Twitter icons, and MS Exchange. Another feature of the Desire is that the Support and Updates come straight from the manufacturer, HTC. Which helps a lot because instead of having to call your provider for help, HTC has people on call to help you, and they are equipped with the knowledge to help you with the problems of the phone.

The HTC Corporation has hundreds of phones, all serving the same purpose. If it's for business e-mails, watching YouTube videos or just personal calling and web browsing, the HTC Desire is the best option. Not only will the features make you fall in love, but the support you get from HTC will help you love the phone as well.


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