Clutter is also most of the time evident in refrigerator shelves. This is the reason why manufacturing companies of this appliance always comes up with fresh ideas on how to maximize storage capacities. But sometimes, we never really learn. It is not actually with the appliance itself but it is with our organizational skills.

This is not something from the Martha Stewart show but the following tips can help you organize quickly:

Tip 1: Vegetables in the vegetable compartment, poultry and sea foods in the poultry and seafood compartment, wine bottles in the bottle compartment-what I am trying to say is, use the compartment for its intended use. This way, you can really remember where you have put what.

Group them together carefully. Not being obsessive-compulsive but this helps in finding the thing you are really looking for. If it is condiments, put the condiments in the same place. If it is cans of beer, put it in the same place and so on. No more rummaging inside as if you are looking for Yamashita's treasure.

Tip 2: Label your leftovers

It helps to have Tupperware, disposable containers or Ziplocs at the ready. Just make sure you can see through it so you will not have to open everything to know what you are looking for.

Label the items carefully using a marker. Also remember to put the date when you have stored it. This way, you will not wonder what it is or when you made it. It prevails leaving spoiled food in the refrigerator.

Tip 3: Resist the urge to pile up

If it needs to go, it has to go. Those nearly empty condoms can still be used. For instance, you have an almost empty mayonnaise and an almost empty ketchup bottle. Why not squeeze out the remnants of mayonnaise into the ketchup bottle and make a nice tasty dressing? That goes with your barbecue sauce and mustard or whatever you have that will work well.

This not only sharpens your culinary genius, it also saves up on clutter. That goes for drinks too. A spritzer goes well with orange juice. Experiment a little and save up on space.

These are small tips on how to organize refrigerators that does wonders on space and the length of time you are going to maintain it. It saves you much on time, space and energy. I do not know about you but I certainly would want to do other things that spend time decoding my refrigerator.


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