If you're looking into a home security system you're making a good choice. Houses with a security system are far less likely to be burglarized than houses without one. If your dilemma is either to tackle the job yourself or to hire a professional to install your system for you there are some things you'll need to consider to help you make that decision.

Do you want a hardwired system or a wireless security system? A hardwired security system is much more complicated and labor intensive to install. If you choose to go with a wireless setup there is no reason why you would not be able to do this job yourself. Wireless home security systems are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer because they do not require any specialized electrical knowledge. You will not be fishing wires through your walls or playing with electricity which is very dangerous if you do not know what you're doing. A wireless system will come with easy to follow instructions and can be installed in just a couple of hours.

Another thing to consider before installing a security system is whether you are going to have a monthly monitoring service. Some companies will supply the alarm system and installation for free when you sign a monitoring contract with their company. If this is the case then your question is already answered as there is really no need to do it yourself if someone else is going to do it for you for free.

Having a professional install a home security system for you will surely cost you more money than installing it yourself unless it is provided as part of a package. However there are advantages to having a professional do the installation. A professional will do it right and they will do it quickly. A professional will also have the knowledge of what areas of your home to cover with what type of hardware, giving you the maximum protection without going overboard buying every conceivable component to go along with your alarm system.

My recommendation on whether to do it yourself or hire a professional would be as follows:

1. If it's a hardwired system hire a professional.

2. If part of your monitoring package includes free installation of the alarm system then explicitly go ahead and let them do it.

3. If you've chosen a wireless system and free installation is not part of the deal I would say go ahead and do it yourself. Installation of a wireless system is a simple process using basic tools. There is really no skill needed and it will only take a couple of hours at the most.


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