Home security cameras are nothing new in large homes and mansions. In fact, it's almost expected with the ever increasing size of homes. But, also the technology is becoming available for everyday use and for the average home owner. The primary purpose of having a home security camera for homeowners is to prevent against burglary and vandalism. Home security systems are no longer just keypads where you put in your favorite four-digit password – it's now an overall focus on protection, from the moment you leave your home to the moment you get back inside.

Security camera systems are now used to watch everything in your home, from the front and back doors, to your garage, yard, driveway, even your guesthouse. Some homeowners even choose to install tiny wireless home security cameras indoors and outdoors, where no one can see, to monitor suspicious activity.

Home security cameras and security systems in general provide great home surveillance and is something you can rely on daily, without any drawbacks. Some options for home security cameras are:

o Let's start with right at your front door! If you do not have a peephole already, get one. But if that does not give you peace of mind, installing a security camera can give you access to who's at your door without even having to get up. You will be able to view it on your television on a specific channel. It's great for children to use, too.

o Install a security camera or surveillance camera outside in your backyard to prevent against theft or burglary. Also great for when the children are playing outside and you want to keep an eye out.

o Wireless cameras are ideal for placement through the home. This means no wires are needed to transport an image from the camera to your receiver, computer, monitor, etc. Put it in the nursery and child's rooms, or even your garage.

CCTV cameras are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install and use. Many companies offer home security systems with instructions on how to do it yourself. Bullet cameras are also ideal for large homes because they are weatherproof and can zoom in and out to target in on specific areas of a video. Hidden spy cameras are also options and can be placed in virtually anything, virtually wirelessly, in backpacks, eyeglass cases, to stuffed animals, desk clocks, clock radios and motion detectors. Although, this may seem to be the job of a surveillance system and a surveillance camera, there is a lot of crossover surveillance and security issues.

Home security has advanced with so many options available to us. It is important for us to review the available technology so that we can individualize the home security system for an individual's personal needs.


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