Home made solar panels have become a growing home enterprise for the power hungry people of the world. They have begun to increase in popularity as the cost of powering our homes continues to climb ever higher. Also the new desire to have green energy homes has become a common trend in new construction, and solar panels are the number one choice of accomplishing this.

If you have done any research on solar power you know two things already, It costs allot, and the return on investment can take twenty years or more. The cost alone is what stands in the way of many would be green home enthusiasts. Until very recently there was no choice but to put this idea on the shelf and hope the costs came down at a later time. While the costs have come down very slowly a new trend is emerging that is making solar power, and even wind power an affordable and practical solution for your home.

DIY or Do It Yourself home made solar panels are on the rise as home owners cut the cost of expensive panels by building the panels themselves. Surprisingly it's allot easier than you might think and all of the materials can be obtained at the average hardware store. With this sudden trend has come a wave of new resources from experts who built, tried, and tested home systems and begon to publish their works for others to follow. Most of these books can be found online and easily downloaded to your computer. Initially these books were technical and difficult to understand for the non engineers in the world. Newer books are however targeted at the less mechanically inclined of us and offer easy to read step by step instructions that even the least technical person can follow. Many now include other information about additional devices such as windmills and batteries.

They will explain how the cells are made, and how they are connected to your home electrical system. The proper placement and angle the cells need for maximum power generation. They cover costs and materials and take a lot of the mystery out of the process so you can move ahead with confidence. A word of warning before you leap in, not all of these books are equal. A fair number of them are still a little to technical and others assume you have an above average answer on machining and engineering, or access to tools most normal people would not have. Find a book that says it is targeted towards a novice or is made for beginners unless you are technical person.

Home made solar panels are a great way to beat the high cost of energy and growing trend in today's green minded world. If you have the will and the desire to lower your energy bill then you should check out one of the many online e-books. You will soon be saving money in a world where costs are out of control, and helping to live a greener life. That my friends is something well worth saving.


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