Heart Rate Monitors or HRM's for short are your very best friend in exercise. When you run in the field, in the park, on the road or on the beach, you can not take the Gyms HRM with you so what do you do? The obvious solution is to donwsize and ensure you get the same benefits that you would when at the Gym. What are some features of the best HRM's?

Our Omron HRM includes a chest transmitter belt with the wristwatch-style monitor. This transmitter sends data to the receiver on your wrist at a distance up to 98 feet (30 meters).

When exercising after nightfall, you need the flexibility to see how you are progressing when exercising. The very best HRMs come with a built in back-light function so you can see your vital stats even at night.

Knowing you optimum heart rate when exercising is vitally important because if you are working too hard, your activity can actually become counter productive and strain or even damage muscles. Have you ever experienced a burning feeling when working out – well what is this? This burning sensation is the muscles retaining LACTIC ACID which if left unchecked and sustained exercise is continued, it can lead to complete muscle meltdown. Even the most successful and Elite athletes in the world suffer from a severe build up of Lactic Acid so having a "BUDDY" to ensure you do not OVERDO it is vital!

To ensure that you extract the maximum benefit from your daily exercise no matter if it is aerobic or anaerobic, you must maintain your heart rate rate level for a maximum of 20 minutes. Generally speaking, a persons ideal heart rate falls between 65 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. So, based on your age, you should aim to keep your heart rate within this range for 20 minutes to achieve maximum benefit. Some HRMs inlcude minimum and maximum heart rate level alarm features that you can set to ensure that you maintain your heart rate within this 65 to 85 percent range.

Lets now look at some Key Points in relation to your exercise regime.

What is the Bioelectrical Impedance Method?

The most accurate and accessible methods of screening Body Fat of the Bioelectrical Impedance or (BI) method. The Musculo-Skeletal system includes Muscles, blood vessels, bones are body tissues which have a high water content which allows electrical activity to be easily conducted. Your own body fat has little or no electrical. What you require is a Heart Rate Monitor which sends an extremely weak electrical current through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. Our HRM-100C Monitor allows you to work out and not feel the weak electrical current while operating the Body Fat Analyzer. Our HRM-100C monitor is calculated by a formula that includes five factors; electric resistance, height, weight, age and gender.

What is visceral fat?

The fat contained around your vital organs is known as Visceral fat. It is known that People with high levels of fat in their bloodstream can be linked to having higher levels of Visceral fat. This is the fat that leads to common ailments such as increasec cholesterol, CVD or Cardio Vascular Disease and Diabetes. A lifestyle lacking in exercise is one of the causes of Visceral fat. However, if regular exercise is undertaken, it can reduce Visceral fat faster than subcutaneous fat (fat located under skin).

What is resting metabolism?

Resting metabolism is the energy to maintain vital functions and it counts 60 to 70% of total energy consumption. Knowing your resting metabolism can help your dietplan. If you can increase daily activity while keeping food intake at resting metabolism level, you can lose weight.

What is skeletal muscle?

Skeletal muscle is muscle attached to the bones that is used to move the body. If you do weight loss without exercise, you may lose skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is important to maintain your resting metabolism as well as your functionality. Monitoring skeletal muscle during weight loss is key to avoid weight rebound in the future.

I trust that you find this article informative and wish you all the very best with your personal Health care and Exercise program. Do not forget to visit our store at the link below to see what we have on offer.




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