Headsets are a revolution in our world of ever growing and evolving technology. Ever since the introduction of headsets, the experience of communication has taken up new heights. They have excellent functions such as clear voice quality and noise reduction through boom mounted earphones, and their use is convenient for many purposes. For instance, while driving, both your hands are free for preventing firm control on the wheels, including talking to someone important. Another instance is that if you are a person whose work involves in making and receiving a lot of phone calls and at the same time are either writing or typing reports, articles, newsletters, etc the use of a headset would be essential. This hands free device is also a convenience for people who are constantly on the move simplifying the means of communications.

Headsets come in various formats such as wireless, bluetooth, cordless and computer, to mention a few and each of these has its unique purpose of use. The first thing to consider before purchasing a headset is its comfort factor. As long as it is comfortable on your ears the brand would not matter much.

Cordless Headsets: Basic concerns of wanting a headset would be to able to move around the house or work place while conversing with someone.
Also, the concern of not wanting to dishevel your hair could come into account. Therefore, purchasing an over the ear headset would be rather essential. An important factor is to check the functions before purchasing one, check for noise canceling microphones, the availability of maximum roaming distance and the talk time hours.

Bluetooth Headsets: Nowadays, bluetooth headsets are readily available. It comes with controls and commands which are user friendly. These devices can be used even if you put on glasses. The talk time limit can vary from 2 to 12 hours of use and on standby they can mange 25 to 200 hours. With a bluetooth headset on, you may still receive calls even if your phone is in a briefcase or in the dashboard of your car. Equally, it is very useful during teleconferencing. It has great compatibility as it can work with any phone that has a bluetooth function. The latest model available is the plug and play Plantronics voyager-510 USB bluetooth headset system. It consist of noise canceling microphones and is ideal for use in offices as well as homes. You can roam up to 33 feet of distance and it offers 6 hours of talk time.


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