If you are a sophisticated runner, not just any old watch will suit you, and you should probably have a look at a more advanced running watch, such as one with GPS.

What is a GPS running watch?

GPS stands for Global Positioning Satellite. These watches use satellite triangulation to figure out your actual position-or the exact position of the watch, that is. Sometimes, a GPS watch will ascertained your position to inside a few feet, so they're quite actual in figuring out position. If you're a major runner, you might have better standards for yourself and your journeys than someone that only gets out for an informal run now and them to sort of get the spiderswebs out of their running shoes.

It appears that the more complicated a runner somebody is, the more information that person wants to know about their running sessions every time. As an example, significant runners will keep track of speed, times, distance, and other variables. A Google map and a stopwatch may provide some of the data desired by sophisticated runners, except for hard-core information, -an advanced runner needs a sophisticated running watch!

If you are looking to get a watch with GPS, you may find that they're made by many different brands. Garmin, Timex, Casio and Magellan are just a few makers of running watches, and are considered to be among the top in the bizz.

However there are more top quality watches made by other manufacturers.

If you're a runner who is just getting started, but plan to become an advanced runner, it might behoove you to go ahead and buy a sophisticated running watch. You may not need all of the many functions immediately, in the beginning, but after a bit you may be in a position to put all of the features to practical use.

One such advanced feature is the foot pod. A foot pod is mounted on your running shoe and sends information back to your running watch about the length of your stride, your speed, distance traveled and more. A great feature of a GPS running watch is that it does not only track latitude and longitude; it tracks altitude and altitude also. This suggests that your GPS running watch can track inches and inclines along your route, and compute that into your total report at the end of the run.

If you use this feature of a GPS running watch together with a heart rate monitor, you can get extraordinarily valuable info about how your heart responds to variances such as hills along your route. A GPS running watch is the best watch for a sophisticated runner!


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