Google maybe the largest search engine, which is used in every gadget. Google compatibility with other platform makes Google is top recommended search engine. If we heard Google in other Smartphone like Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung and LG maybe is not a big news. But what happened if Google released search app?

The fact is Google is released search app for Windows Phone 7. Searching with Google on your Windows device just got easier. The Google Search app provides quick and convenient access to a rich set of search results, allowing you to search the web, images, local, news, and more.

This initial release of the Google Search app includes several features that help you search faster – suggestions appear automatically as your type, you can choose to repeat a query from your search history, and your current location is used to provide more relevant results.

From my opinion I think this is show how Bing is loss score than Google in search engine competition. I used Motorola before and Bing is already installed. But in practical, I prefer choose using Google than Bing. Google result is more keyword related than Bing.

When I tried to type and searching using Bing, the result is not as related as Google. Not just the result, but some people are already get used to use Google search than Bing and this point also make Google is one step ahead from Bing in Search engine industry.

Conclusion, I think we need Google Search app. Do you have any opinion?


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