Unless you are born a natural golf player, you
will need golf instruction if you expect to
improve your game. Employing a professional
golf pro can help you target the weaknesses
in your swing and diagnose your hooks. A
professional golfer will be able to share with
you some of the secrets of the trade and show
you simple mind games that will help you focus
better, before and after every shot you take
on course.

Even the best amateur golfers out there,
although they probably do not want to admit it,
take tutoring from the pros. Natural born
athletes like the Michael Jordan's and Michael
Schmidt's of the world need help from the pros
every once in a while to improve their game by
pointing out the slight faults in their back
swings or how they look up in their short
game. Even the elite of golfers seek out
advice from those who are considered the gurus
for golf instruction when they are in a
decline or losing distance on their drives.

In other words, it is not a bad thing that you
want golf lessons. That is exactly what the
golf pros are there for. That is the reason why they
have trained hard and become certified by the
PGA. It is not easy to be certified as a golf
pro. It takes years of hard work, studying and
training to obtain that qualification. Part of
their learning process is to learn how to, not
only teach golf but to plan a club tournament,
deal with club members and even run the club
shop. Even after they have qualified as a golf
pro, they still enrol in the occasional
seminar or course to brush up on new teaching

Of course, golf instruction is a crucial
aspect of this training and their work. This
is the reason, after all, why English and
Scottish golfer first came to America at the
start of the twenty century. Several
decades after they had established the PGA to
spread the word of golf and teach Americans
how to play, golf is now played and taught all
over the world. Those Scottish and English
players sure made tough competition for


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