Designed to simulate the appearance of genuine computer security software, Ghost Antivirus is actually a fake antivirus program. The rogue program installs itself on your machine through either emails or landing pages claiming to provide computer security protection – the software itself is actually a threat to your computer security. The entire aim of the program is to siphon off credit card details from users, which then incur unauthorized charges, putting you at risk for losses and identify theft concerns.

The software is carefully designed to prevent its removal by changing your browser settings, disguising its resident procedures and changing your existing security settings. After running a scan whenever your computer restarts, the program finds infected files with variable threat levels – the actual threats are generated based on false results from your computer index, and Ghost Antivirus always states "Your system is in danger. The aim of this scheme is to get you to fully register the program to acquire your credit card information and to charge you $ 94.95. By no means should you attempt to enter credit details, since the program will never actually help resolve any problems on your computer. Instead, you should immediately consider the software as a threat to your computer.

Importantly, Ghost Antivirus will actively take steps to prevent its removal and will continuously alert you to seemingly higher levels of threats. One example of an alert this fake security program displays is:

Ghost Antivirus Warning!
Harmful and malicious software detected
Online Scanner detected programs that may compromise your privacy or damage your computer.

Specifically the Ghost Antivirus installs additional malware which is intended to maintain a footprint on your machine and make it difficult to remove this spyware. As a result, it's important to follow the steps for removal of the spyware from your system carefully. With multiple processes and registry keys, Ghost Antivirus can be a challenge to remove. Following a careful series of steps, however, can ensure you can safely remove the program from your hardware.

In order to remove the program from your machine, start by killing the ghostav.exe process as well as the related processes onin.exe, services.exe and unins000.exe. After that you'll want to delete the multiple registry values ​​within the Windows and FTP folders as well as removing the two DLL files and deleting a host of files associated with the program. To prevent automatic detection the software generates variable file names, requiring manual removal to safeguard your PC. A simpler and safer way to remove Ghost Antivirus is to use an antispyware program. A good antispyware program will detect and remove all malicious files installed by this spyware. In addition, the antispyware program functions as a spyware blocker to prevent future spyware from infection your PC.

Do not wait for your system to be further compromised, Remove Ghost Antivirus Now! Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is critical to remove it as soon as possible.


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