Video games provide a powerful virtual environment for the players, which makes them feel to be part of that digital environment. On the other hand, a game player controls the game-play through input devices, such as mouse and keyboard. This data is then processed by the game and then transmitted back to the player through output devices, which includes the sound through speakers and the graphics through computer screen or monitor. Computer audio can be delivered through speakers or headphones, let us explore these computer components and understand their effectiveness in the video games.

Headsets For Gaming
A computer headset is also known as headphones which is a small piece of computer hardware. Headsets are directly wearable on the head of the user in such a way that the two speaker cups rest parallel to the ears. In this manner, the computer audio is delivered directly to the ears of the user, without affecting other people in the surroundings. Secondly headphones can have a built-in microphone, which is a small input device responsible for delivering the user's audio into the computer. In short gaming headphones are best for use by a single person, where the user does not want to disturb the other people in the room. For example, you can play your favorite video game with full volume while your friends are sleeping in the same room.

Speakers For Gaming
Computer speaker systems are used to deliver high quality sound in such a way that the sound will rock the room with high frequency rumble and beats, a similar audio environment that you notice in a cinema theater. In such a situation you will feel the sound coming alive with audio coming from different corners of the room. A professional gamer speaker system typically consists of two satellites with acoustic speakers, a high bass generating subwoofer and possibly a separate wired remote with audio controls. If there is no separate remote, then the audio controllers will be provided on one of the speaker satellites, however epic gamers prefer separate remote for controlling the game audio. Speaker systems are best when sound is needed on a larger scale, for example: sound delivered in the full room.

Coverage Area And Audience
The main difference between the gamer headphone and the speaker system is the coverage area and the number of users listening the sound. Secondly the difference is the number of users that can listen to the sound, as discussed in the above sections, the headset for gaming is only for one person, while the speakers deliver the sound on a larger scale and more than one person can listen high volume sound easily.


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