It is no surprise that eReaders are becoming increasingly popular. After all people always love the thrill of owning a new gadget. But is there more to this device. Would it appeal to the book readers as well as gadget lovers?

When reading a good book, you not only reading it with your eyes, you are also feeling its touch and smelling its smell. There is something romantic about reading a book. But, when reading on the eReader, you feel as if you're looking at yet another electronic gadget. Would it be useful at all to those of us that like to read? I have always been a book enthusiast, and always refused to read anything on my computer monitor.

I love the touch and smell of the paper. I love to reminisce what it was like to read this particular book for the first time 10 years ago, and where did that stain on page 143 come from. So, as a rule I was against any sort of electronic reading.

Everything has changed last Christmas. My parents got me an Amazon Kindle eReader as gift, and oh boy was I confused. What were my parents thinking? Did they know me at all?

When my frustration started to wear off, I actually sat down to examine what had this strange device had to offer. It was a lot different than I thought it would be.

The first thing that shocked me was, of course, the display. The display on the eReaders, and on the Kindle as well, uses a technology called eInk. It makes the page look like it is real paper. There is absolutely no strain on my eyes.

After quite a while of playing with my Kindle I decided that it was not bad at all. I'm traveling a lot, and always have a few books in my luggage. But with the eReader I could take a lot more, with no additional weight.

Sure enough, reading my book at home is something I would never give up. But, having this eReader for traveling and commuting is a great bonus.

So, I guess I would have to conclude with a Yes. The eReader has a place in many homes. Not replacing books, but supplementing, and providing a solution in situations when a book is not available.


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