Use the most powerful tool that you have, when faced with an emergency. If fact you can use this tool at any time that you wish. It is readily available and anyone reading this article has one. Remember, improperly used tools can be dangerous.

The emergency tool that I would like to discuss, is your brain. You do not have to wait until something bad happens before you use it. If you happen to be in a position to face an emergency situation, you will have to make spur of the moment changes to your plans. Even if you have an emergency center near your home, they may be the victim of this particular disaster. Your kit might not be where you are. There are so many variables, that if I wrote them down, it would a long list and I would probably miss something.

Since you are reading this article I can assume that you have already been searching the web for information. I can believe that you have at least started planning. A plan in place is good, because you are already thinking. In your process of planning, you may become frustrated because you can not plan for every possible angle. Do I store my supplies in my car or in my house? What if I'm not home? These are only a few of the issues that you face.

You can use your brain, that wonderful tool. Sit back, relax, and think. You have probably thought about some things you can store that are practical. You know what can do a lot of good, and what is small enough to be useful in multiple situations. I can not tell you exactly what you will need any more that you can plan for every possibility.

The ability to adjust to a situation is something that has to be within you. If you realize ahead of time that you may need to make adjustments, it will help you remain calm in the event that you need to use your brainpower.

To use your brain, you need to keep calm during emergency situations. When I mention sit back, relax and think, I am talking about a mindset. Stop your mind from racing around randomly, and just take a few seconds to tell yourself to calm down. It is amazing how things fall together. It is important to separate the things that are going as planned and what is not.

The brain, like any other tool, needs to be used properly. If you learn as much about any subject that you can, you will be more able to cope with the unexpected.


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