If you go to a multimedia store, you’ll notice that there are lots of projectors being sold in the market. Each with their own specifications and price. To avoid you from paying too much for features you don’t need or choosing the ones with less specifications, here are some basic and brief guides on what you should pay attention at on picking up the right projector and screen suit best for your requirements.

1. Estimate the number of your audience and how large the room will be

* Both will affect the large of the screen and finally the type of projector you should buy/rent. You can determine which screen to use by dividing the distance of the furthest seat to the screen by 8. For example, the distance of the last row of the seat to the screen is 8 meters. The optimum screen width to use will be 8/8 = 1 to 1,5 meters. If the furthest distance of an audience to the screen is 25 meters, then it would be better to use a 3 meters width screen.

* Most of the screens is finished in a white matte surface. However, you should use a grey surfaced screen in a lit up room.

2. Determine the ANSI Lumens strength for best balance between clarity and price

* The more ANSI Lumens a projector has, the more expensive it will be. So how do you choose the best between power and price? Easy, just refer to the screen width size you’ve just calculated and how bright the room will be.

* If direct sunlight is used to brighten up the room, use a 1900 x 1 meter of screen width ANSI Lumens projector. For instance, if you’re going to use a 3 meters of width screen, use a 1900 x 3 = 5700 to 6000 ANSI Lumens projector.

* If the room is dimly lit, use a 1500 x screen width to measure the ANSI Lumens needed.

* For rooms without a lighting control, use a 1200 * screen width size to determine ANSI Lumens strength.

* If there’s a lighting control, use a 900 * screen width size to pick up the right ANSI Lumens projector.

3. Put your projector on the right spot

* Every projector has what is called a throw ratio. It helps in determining the minimum distance a projector should be away from the screen. If you’re using a 3 meters width screen and your projector’s throw ratio is 1.7, then you should mount your projector 1.7 x 3 meters = 5 meters away from the screen.

There you go, now you’re ready to choose the right projector that suits your event. Hopefully the audience will benefit from your selection and the event will be a success!


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