If you are looking for the ultimate in handheld gaming, then you should look no further than the Nintendo 3DS gaming system. The new 3DS system has kept a lot of the standard greatness of the original DS, but it's also added a few things that have greatly improved the system. One of these is the ability to play 3D games without having to wear special glasses. Since everything is moving to the 3D spectrum, it's great to see that Nintendo has taken the reins and pushed forward to bring out the first handheld gaming system to showcase this new technology.

You are sure to be excited about the release of the new Nintendo 3DS as it is the beginning of the next generation of gaming devices. If the 3D screen is loved by gamers around the world, then you can bet that the other major gaming companies out there will work to get 3D gaming in every home. The 3DS is sure to be the catalyst that changes the scope of home gaming into something that has never been seen before. This is truly a remarkable time we are currently living in, and it will be very interesting to see where technology takes us from here.

If you are looking to purchase a new Nintendo 3DS you will have to wait until they are released in the country you live in. The good news is that the release dates are fast approaching and you will not have to wait too long before getting your hands on it. That is when you will get to see just how great the graphics are for yourself instead of reading about how great they are online. You will not be able to see the 3D graphics unless you have the 3DS screen to view them through, which means you will not be able to see the graphics on YouTube videos, either.

The new Nintendo 3DS is sure to be the biggest hit in gaming technology the world has ever seen and there is no doubt that gaming systems in the future will be even better. There is talk that holographic gaming will be the next big venture after 3D gaming is a natural gaming environment. Hopefully, the new 3DS will be the major turning point in the gaming world. If Nintendo gets the 3D aspect right, there will be a rush for other gaming companies to produce an even better, and bigger, version of what Nintendo has already done.

The Nintendo 3DS system is an addition to the world's most famous and practical handheld gaming systems. By taking the thing that all gamers loved about the original DS system and making it bigger and faster, Nintendo has seen a renewed interest in handheld gaming that has not been seen since the introduction of the PSP gaming system. If Nintendo can keep this up, then they could just turn out to be the only handheld gaming system left on the market. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before Nintendo can push other systems completely out the door.

There are plenty of games available for the Nintendo 3DS system, and it can play earlier versions of DS games as well. There are quite a few original titles that have been remade in order to utilize the 3D aspect of the gaming screen so that players can see what the future of handheld gaming can bring them. The 3D system on the Nintendo is not actually 3D like you see in movies and on the newer televisions coming out these days. Instead, it is more of a trick in your mind to make it believe it's seeing in 3D.

The Nintendo 3DS system utilizes a dual projection system that shows the same image in two different ways. If you look at the screen straight on, your brain will see two different aspects of the game you are playing, and it will use these two aspects to force your eyes to add the depth represented by the image. This means you do not have to wear any glasses to get the same effect. Since this is a false 3D effect, you might find that it can cause headaches in some people. Because of this, you have the option of turning the 3D off.


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