Glass washers are a must have piece of bar equipment wash ware for any bar, given the fragile nature of glass and the need to serve customers in clean sanitary glasses.

Perlick features a line of glass washers which come highly recommended. They feature stainless steel construction which means they are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Perlik designs its restaurant equipment with user friendliness in mind, glass washers have a top mounted instrument panel which is easily accessible and simple to operate. For added hygiene there is a fill and dump cycle which means that every cycle has super clean water.

The water itself is maintained at a regularly heated temperature thanks to wash tank heater which comes standard on all models. There is no need whatever for a curtain because the glass washers are designed with a metal divider which separates the load and wash. The detergent, sanitizer and rinse aid are controlled with metering pumps with hand adjusted controls. The washers have an illustrating system which allows operators to monitor how the chemicals are distributed during the wash cycle. The PKBR24 line of glass washers clean 720 glasses per hour. Hand sinks are also an important piece of equipment to have in bars given the amount of glasses that bartenders will handle on any given day.

Eagle and Lakeside manufacture various types of bar equipment wash ware, including several models of hand sinks. Lakeside has actual stations that are mobile. This is really a great feature because it allows owners to maximize workflow space. It is also perfect for remote serving locations where hand sanitation is necessary. Lakeside mobile hand wash stations are constructed out of durable, easy to clean and sanitize stainless steel. They are powered with electricity and require 115v. For added hygiene the faucet handle is designed to be easily turned on and off by a staff members wrist.

The interior stores the fresh water supply as well as the waste water storage. To ensure security the interior of the wash tank can be made not accessible using the locking door latch. Eagle manufactures several models of hand washing sinks including one specifically for physically challenged individuals. Other models like the Eagle HSA-10-1FK hand sink are designed so that staff can press their knee or foot on a specially located pedal which when pressed turns the water source on. Eagle's line of hand sinks are constructed out of heavy duty type 304 stainless steel, which is perfect for restaurant and bar equipment applications. They are designed with a backsplash as well as basket drains. Look for hand sinks that already have soap dispenser built in. This will enhance hygiene standards further because staff will not be handling a movable soap dispenser.


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