If you are looking for the cheapest unlimited national calling plans around you should check out Metro PCS and Boost Mobile. Both are $ 40 and $ 50 dollars respectively per month with unlimited minutes day or evening and weekends. Reviews of these two cell phone plans are generally good but check other reviews yourself and come to your own conclusions. Also, if you live in a large metropolitan area you should not have any problem with dropped calls or reception from Metro PCS, but if you travel a lot you may want to go with Boost Mobile as they work off of the Sprint network. A lot depends on what you are looking for, but if price is your only gauge you can not go wrong with either one of these companies. Other cell phone companies like T-Mobile, however, are starting their own brand new marketing approach to appeal to those who do not want the hassles of credit checks, contracts, hidden fees or roaming charges – and offering a way to get your cell phone bill for free.

It's a new plan and it also gives potential entrepreneurs the chance to make money by referring new customers. Cell phone companies are in a very competitive and lucrative market, both nationally and worldwide. By giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to be in business for themselves as independent representatives they can substantively increase their bottom lines. So, if you are looking for the cheapest rates – or even free cell phone plans, check out these companies for yourself and make a decision based on your needs and expectations.


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