Cellular home security system monitoring is one of the choices the owner can choose rather than a hard wired telephone for the system to contact the monitoring center when the alarm is triggered. This can be extremely handy for several reasons.

• Many people have decided that there is no reason to have a home telephone any longer, since the cell phone can do all of the same things and more, with the advantage of being able to go anywhere. The days of having a home phone with an answering machine is not necessary, since cell phones have an answering system that can be setup.
• There is little reason to have the expense of a home telephone when the cell phone serves all of the same purposes, but can be put in a pocket or purse and travel with the person.
• A hard wired telephone does not stand up to the smart burglar that cuts the phone lines when they know that there is a home security system in place. This means that the alarm system using the home telephone will not be able to alert the monitoring center that there has been a break-in. While the alarm will still sound loudly, the police are not informed if the security system can not alert the monitoring center agents that then alert the police to the break-in.
• Hard wired telephone outages can make the home vulnerable to the burglar that watches these types of occurrences. When the home security system depends on the hard wired phone and an accident, weather or some other problem causes the telephone service to be out, and then the security system can not contact the monitoring center if the alarm is triggered.

Cellular phones can also be used as a backup way for the home security system to contact the monitoring center, which means the first phone the system will use when the alarm is triggered is the hard wired house phone. This is a perfect choice for many home security system owners in case they are in an area that does not have a cell signal often or find it necessary for work or school to turn their cell phones off. At the same time if the burglar is smart and cuts the telephone line then the home security system will use the cell phone and still get through to the monitoring center, where the trained agents will then alert the police to the break-in. This helps to ensure that the person is willing to take steps to enter a house that has an alarm system is addressed by the permissions. It also means double protection in case of fire that could damage the telephone lines and disable the ability to call out.

Technology has made the cell phone as handy for the home security system as it does for the owner, who chooses to use this option for their system. Due to the technology that has made this possible it is dependent, which means the homeowner and family will continue being safe and secure due to the protection that the home security system and its alerts to the monitoring center.


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