In the recent years, digital cameras have replaced regular film cameras. Since these digital cameras do not require films in order to take pictures, people have embroidered the convenience that going digital provides. People now do not have to worry about running out of film, because as long as they have enough storage for their files in the camera, then they are good to go.

While digital cameras have changed the way people document events, there are still those who want more control over their pictures. These people opt to use digital SLR or single lens reflex cameras, and they can not really be blamed for their choice. Digital single lens reflex cameras allow people to take professional-looking photos without the hassle of toting film. The cameras allow the photographers to tweak with various setting for different effects.

Moreover, quite a number of accessories can be used with digital SLR cameras. These accessories, like lenses and external flashes, allow the photographers to go one step further and push their boundaries. They can let their creative side loose by using such cameras.

Digital SLR cameras provide a good mix of features from digital and traditional compact cameras. With the impressive features of such cameras, it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to buy their own digital SLR units. Because of the growing number of digital SLR camera users, it is even more important for people to learn how to care for their cameras. After all, their well-spent money would all go to waste if they do not know how to keep their cameras in tiptop shape.

Cleaning the digital SLR camera can be a bit tricky. However, by following the steps carefully, and by using the right products for cleaning, cleaning the camera can be easier than it sounds.

The essential part of every camera is the lens. The lens allows the photographer to capture the images; that being said, it is the part that is most exposed. Because the lens is found at the camera's front, it is most vulnerable to dirt and scratches. Finger prints also ruin the lens. Dirty lenses affect the picture quality, so cleaning this part is important. Simply wiping or blowing off dust from the lens will not do, because it may bring even more scratches and dust. A can of compressed air or a soft brush will do the trick. Using a lint-free cloth also is good for wiping, because it is non-abrasive.

Most professionals would not recommend cleaning the CCD (charge-coupled device) at home. Going to a camera shop and having the CCD cleaned is a safer alternative. However, there are still people who want to attempt to clean their camera's CCD. To do this, one must invest in a proper kit to ensure that there will not be any damage to the camera.

Keeping the camera safe from condensation is a major factor. A weatherproof bag protects the camera from varying weather conditions. The camera bag should be able to keep out moisture, dust, and sand. By investing on a good camera bag, one is ensured that the camera would be able to withstand the harsher elements.


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