So you'd like to learn a bit about the Canon EOS digital camera lineup? Great! Then you're at the right place! Here's what I'm going to do for you. I've set out 4 budget ranges that everyone will fall into. For each budget I've selected one camera that I think is the best buy for that price.

Let's get to it!

Less than $ 1,000: For the less than $ 1,000 price range your choices are kind of limited. Now keep in mind in this budget range that it may be worth it to you to go with a cheaper camera body, and spend that extra money on a lens or two. A nice lens goes a long way.

Anyways, I recommend the Canon EOS Rebel Xti ($ 750) simply because it's a power house. There is a newer model of this camera (XSi), but this camera has maintained its price so well because it's just an incredibly high quality, reliable camera.

$ 1,000 – $ 2,000: The Canon EOS digital camera I recommend here is the Canon 50D ($ 1150). This camera is an extremely advanced quality for the price. What I mean by that is that you get a lot of higher end features in this camera, without paying the higher end price.

For example, this Canon EOS digital camera is UDMA card compatible, a typically higher end feature. It's also got an extremely wide ISO range, as well as an advanced auto-ISO feature that works beautifully. To top it all off it's running on a DIGIC 4 image processor.

$ 2,000 – $ 5,000: Here I recommend the Canon 5D Mark II ($ 2,500). The reason I recommend this camera is that, much like the 50D, it's simply a great value. It's got most of the features of the 1Ds Mark III, which is a $ 6,000 camera, and it's less than half the price.

You get 21 megapixels, a full frame sensor, with a huge ISO range to top it all off. Not much bad to say about this camera.

$ 5,000 +: The camera of choice here is going to be the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV ($ 5,800). This camera is almost flawless. It was incredibly well designed and it's got the best image quality of any Canon EOS digital camera on the market right now.

In addition to that, the auto-focus system is unparallel. Taking great pictures has never been so easy!

Anyways, that's my budget guide, but in the end you need to decide for yourself. So, how should you do that? Reading Amazon reviews only gets you so far, you need to find a place that offers professional, quality reviews on more than just specs.


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