There are many technological items on the market to make your life more convenient. Some specialize in allowing us to have a physical memento of a special occasion. Two common formats of this type of product that people may need to choose between are: a camera or camcorder. Each offer their own features and it may take some consideration before deciding which type of device to go with. Camcorders tend to offer more benefits to the user over time than a still photo camera does.

If you have to choose between purchasing a camera or camcorder, the reasons for a camcorder can show more advantages. Videos offer a much better and fulfilling viewing experience than still photographs. Once you have the video stored on a DVD, you are immediately able to share it with family and friends by placing it into a DVD player. If you use a hard drive, the memories can be uploaded to your computer, saved to a disc, and you are done. With a camera, you must have the photos printed out if you want a physical copy.

Having your memories saved in a video format allows you to capture the real sights and sounds of the special moment. If you have children, you know that a baby learning to take his first steps is a huge deal, particularly to the parents. You will want to be able to record the video of this accomplishment, rather than just snap still photos. This provides you with media that can be shared with those who were not present by allowing them to see the actual movements any time the video is played. It also allows you to relive those special memories over and over again.

Many camcorders have the option of allowing you to make still photos out of the recorded material. Since it can act as a stills and video camera all in one, there may be no need to purchase each separately. Once you have recorded the video, you may have to transfer it to your computer to create your photographs. However, some video cameras will allow you to create them on the camera itself. Learning all the different features of a camcorder is beneficial to helping you use it to its full ability.

Camcorders can be chosen over a regular camera for a number of reasons. Many people wish to archive the memory with the video and audio rather than just have a reminder printed out on a piece of paper. Also, it can be easier to use a camcorder, less hassle and more fulfilling. Additionally, since some video cameras have a feature that allows the user to take still photographs, the need for a digital camera can become obsoleset if such a camcorder is owned, making the choice: camera or camcorder an easy one.


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