You can get pretty much anything you want online for a great price – it’s all a question of timing. There are, however, established websites that offer the DS at lower prices. Let’s look at some options.

eBay is the classic online garage-sale type of way to get something for cheap. The problem with that is that it’s very similar to being at a garage sale, looking at an item with a million people surrounding you, trying to one-up the next person for the same item! There’s nothing wrong with eBay, but if you’re trying to get something for cheap, the demand rules. With the Nintendo DS, you’re looking at least spending a hundred dollars. You might score a used one for around 80 dollars. There is always someone out there trying to get rid of their console, either new or used, and if you are checking often, sometimes you might even slip past everyone and win the auction cheap! If you decide to go with eBay, make sure the seller has a good reputation and has run many auctions in the past, all with positive feedback. You don’t want to receive your equipment and have it not work. If it doesn’t work, you may be responsible for return shipping – or it may have been sold as-is. Read all about the auction before jumping in.

You might want to try a corporate website like GameStop to try and claim your prize. This way is definitely a lot more safer, as the store policy ensures that the machine will probably be working in almost perfect condition when it comes to refurbished units. The units that are refurbished also have a guarantee, so it wouldn’t be a problem to take it back if it suddenly stopped working. Again, check with the clerk about store policy – it is almost definitely subject to change. Buying the console new will see you buying the unit at the highest price possible, and the same goes for any other commercial websites.

There is another option – more of the garage-sale variety – an ever-growing-in-popularity website called Craigslist. This social network can be indispensable at times! You can find almost anything you ever wanted – sometimes at unbelievably low prices (and sometimes free). The major drawback is that with the growing popularity of the site, so grows the exploitation. If you find a cheap Nintendo DS here and decide you would like to buy it, then you should try and meet the person face-to-face in a public place. You do not know the person, therefore, it would not be wise to invite them to your house. Nor would it be wise to meet them in a dark alley. Also, never send the money via Paypal or mail, because you do not know if you will receive the item or not! There are no regulations regarding this tool, so you really must look after yourself when going this route. All fear-mongering aside – you really CAN find good deals here, and you might even land that Nintendo DS you want for cheap! Just be careful.


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