If you're thinking of purchasing a gaming computer you first need to decide what your budget is. If you've purchased a gaming computer before you probably know they can get very expensive quick. You need to narrow down really what type of budget you're working with to properly access what your priority areas of hardware to splurge on are.

After you've decided what type of budget you have to work with you next must decide if there is anything salvageable from your current computer rig. Things like monitors, speakers and keyboard can really make a big difference in the final cost. Just simply replacing a desktop gaming tower can be a vast difference versa replacing your entire system.

One obvious thing that is a major decision is how bad you need portability? If portability really is not a dire need you will definitely tend to come out better with a gaming PC tower. Generally speaking you can acquire a lot more performance hardware for less and have greater longevity with a tower. While laptops have come a long way in regards to raw horsepower for gaming you definitely will tend to pay more and get less performance with that avenue.

Another aspect that is important to contemplate is whether you plan on using your computer for purposes other than gaming. This is important as if you're also using the computer for word processing or media purposes you may want to opt for a much larger hard drive or consider different software packages being offered at the time of sale. This software can sometimes be a major factor in cost so you need to determine to the best of your ability up front what your needs are as purchasing software stand alone can be extremely expensive. It's always better to purchase it while you are purchasing your computer. Usually you can always land a better deal.

It's important to also consider tech support reviews and their warranty being offered. If you are choosing to purchase new never settle for anything less than a 1 year. If you hate dealing with computer problems you may want to factor into your budget a little extra to purchase the extra 2 year warranty extension. Most companies are now offering this option and it's a great peace of mind to know that no matter what happens for the next three years that you've covered.

One final aspect to consider is purchasing refurbished. If you are on a budget or just can not seem to afford the specs you would like, you may want to consider a refurbished gaming computer. Huge strides have been made in the quality being put out and nearly all companies are now offering the same warranty as a new computer. The stability has become amazing enough that manufacturers are now willing to give the same warranties which in effect takes away all the past risk associated with it. It also provides a great viable option of getting a unit much cheaper or a better unit for the same price. Many are not aware of these recent changes but many top experts are now swearing that refurbished is now the best deal out there.


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