Any product that gets as much attention as the Nintendo 3DS does will have it's fair share of people who criticizeize and praise the product. This is normal and expected. There are many good things about the 3DS, as well as a couple of negative features.

Firstly, the 3D technology being introduced in the 3DS has never been seen before. Basically, we are too understand that we will be able to play the best games in 3D, the same type of picture we get when we watch 3D movies like Avatar or Jackass 3D. How this will work out with gaming remains to be seen, however it is about time someone tries to be innovative with gaming systems, especially portable ones, which have been very similar for the last decade or so.

With the 3DS set to launch shortly, some people who have had the opportunity to test the new system, have complained about being dizzy and having eye fatigue after using the system for a while. Whether this is due to the fact that their vision has to get used to the 3D affect, or some other issue, this is something that Nintendo will have to deal with. The complaints of motion sickness are not slowing down the launch at all. Many people have been shown the system at conferences and gatherings of that nature without anyone having complained about anything. Is Nintendo 3DS Motion Sickness a legitimate problem, well I'm sure we've all gotten a bit dizzy playing our favorite PS # or Xbox 360 game for too long soI would not worry about it for now.

With this negative press surrounding the 3DS, one can not forget about all of the reasons to buy a Nintendo 3DS. Firstly, we have never seen a system like this before, it is the first of it's kind. Nintendo has put a lot of time, money and effort into the production of this device, so we should expect it to live up to Nintendo's standards. With Nintendo targeting casual gamers in the past, with the Wii and DS, the 3DS is said to be targeting both casual and frequent gamers, which gives us reason to believe that this system is better than anything we've seen out of Nintendo.

When these things hit the stores, it will be very difficult to buy one. The demand is so high that Nintendo is anticipating that this will be the most popular gaming system ever. With so many new and innovative features, it's easy to see why. If you want to be sure you'll have a Nintendo 3DS as soon as possible then you should preorder Nintendo 3DS. With so many new and innovative features, it's easy to see why.


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