The news media keeps warning us about a certain energy shortage that is coming as the worldwide demand for power increases and also of the dangers to our environment because of the carbon dioxide that is given off as the fossil fuels are burned.

One of the best renewable alternatives to fossil fuels that we have is solar energy, because sunshine is abundant and the sun and its light will always be with us.

You can take advantage of the sun's energy by installing a do-it-yourself solar power system for around two hundred dollars. The solar panels in your system will produce electricity that will be routed to a bank of batteries where it will be stored until it is needed.

You can find manuals on the Internet that explain how solar power functions.

They will also give you step-by-step instructions to guide you in constructing your own solar power system, including blueprints for the solar panels and diagrams and instructions for all the possible configurations for your system. The material that you will need for your solar power system is easy to find online or at a local hardware store.

The solar cells that your system uses will produce electricity in a way that does no harm to the environment.

Your solar power system will probably use solar panels made from 3×6 solar cell modules that produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight.

These modules produce direct current (DC) electricity at convenient voltages for storing in a battery or for being converted into the 120-230 volt alternating current (AC) that can be used directly in the home.

You can purchase a solar energy package that contains the step-by-step instructions needed to construct your solar panel. The instructions are detailed, easy to understand, and illustrated, so you do not need a lot of prior knowledge or skill to make your panel.

The best part will come after you have your solar panel installed and operational, and you can sit back and see the reductions in your monthly electric bills and know that your electricity production is not harmful the environment.


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