Specifications: Acer is well known for their very practical and affordable laptop models. Recently, it has also rolled out a series of very impressive desktop PCs with the Acer AX1301-U9052 being one of my favorites.

This desktop has a 2.7Ghz AMD dual-core processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a 750GB hard drive (7200RPM). There is also a 16X DVD drive. For graphics, this model comes with the NVIDIA GeForce G210 graphics processor (512MB for video memory). This model also has a wide variety of ports. Some of them include 9 USB ports, a FireWire ports, HDMI output, eSATA port, memory card slot, CF card slots, audio jacks, expansion slots and many more. This model can also support 5.1-channel HD audio.

Design: The Acer AX1301-U9052 is a compact tower-style desktop, measuring at just 10.4 x 3.9 x 13.9 inches in dimensions. On the front, you will 5 USB ports, the FireWire port, audio jacks and card slots. Most of the other ports are located behind the unit. This model ships with a keyboard and mouse.

Features & Performance: Thanks to its set of very competent specs, the Acer AX1301-U9052 is suitable for a variety of light and moderate tasks. The ample RAM allows for great multi-tasking performance while the powerful processor will make running even the heaviest of applications a flawless experience. I also particularly liked the keyboard that comes with it.

It has lots of quick launch buttons on the top and a cool volume control wheel on the top right corner of the keyboard. While the Acer AX1301-U9052 is very big in features, it has a very small price tag. This desktop currently sells for just around $ 419 per unit!


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