Among the many Bluetooth headphones that the company has ever unleashed upon a drooling market, Plantronics declares its Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset as the best ever yet. A quick preview of its feature highlights will reveal why it is so.

Quite bluntly, its noise-cancellation technology is the major reason that the Voyager Pro extends the frontiers of Bluetooth headphones. Up to 80 percent of ambient sound can be leveled out by the headset's AudioIQ2 feature, which is essentially consistant of two highly sensitive microphones that work in harmony to achieve the effect. The feature simply translates to clear quality of sound for voice calls – both the speaker's and the listener's. Of the many other Bluetooth headsets featuring similar noise-reduction features, nothing beats the Voyager Pro yet in drowning out the most annoying sound to anyone making voice calls: wind noise.

The device sits comfortably behind the ear. You would think that behind-the-ear headsets are bulky and uncomfortable for all-day use. But, not this one. Its lightweight composition has been carefully engineered for comfort, safety, and durability. The earpiece would never grate at your ear or ear canal simply because it is covered in a rubber gel that is either too soft nor too inflexible. That makes the earpiece fit perfectly and sit snugly in your ear, but minus the discomfort. With this convenience, you can easily wear the Voyager Pro all the time you are in the office, in your car, or where your business may bring you.

Besides the foregoing features, the Voyager Pro also boasts of a swivel boom mic, a rotating earpiece (very handy if you want to use either ear), and easy-access multifunction buttons. In addition, the Voyager Pro will sound out an audio alert whenever it requires its battery to be recharged. For anyone who wants to focus on the most important tasks of any business day, these features will certainly go a long way in terms of work productivity.

Despite the fact that the device is still capable of replacing the clarity of audio, it does not need to be used. Although it looks like it comes straight out of a movie from the 90's, this device means business and simply does business. It is a tool you can depend on.

Overall, the Voyager Pro is worth every penny, and placed side-by-side with other Bluetooth headphones, it will definitely outshine them all when you compare audio quality and comfort.


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