Blackberry, an out an out business phone, is a wireless hand held device that got introduced in the world markets in 1999. It is developed by a Canadian company Research in Motion. The device supports standard features like mobile telephone and short service messaging, as well as exceptional features like web browsing, internet faxing and push e-mail. The company initially focused on e-mails and even today the RIM offers its e-mail services to Palm Treo through the Blackberry Connect software.

The Blackberry phones comprise all the major PDA features and functions, including address book, calendar, to-do lists et al. sending and receiving e-mails through the Blackberry is made possible through the wireless network of certain carriers. The in-built keyboard is ideal for 'thumbing'. The track wheel on the right side of the device is meant for system navigation. However, in the latest Blackberry phone, the track wheel is replaced by a trackball.

The Intel 80386 processors were used in the earlier Blackberry devices, where the new models incorporated an ARM 7 or 9 processor. The latest Blackberry phones, 8100 and 8700 series, have an Intel PXA901 312 MHz processor, 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM. In several organizations, the devices are only used to provide e-mail service to the roaming employees, making it a very popular and effective tool.

The Blackberry subscribers reached the magical figure of two million, as announced by RIM in November, 2004. Another one million was added to the time of next announcement in May 2005. By March 2006, the 5 million figures were transported as well despite slow rates . As the latest Blackberry phone, 8800 was introduced in April 2007; the sales got the much needed impetus, taking the number of Blackberry subscribers to eight million!

Blackberry phones have the charm, the aesthetics and the functionality to make it real big. And the black magic it has created was only inevitable.


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