Blackberry phones are developed in the main by a Canadian company called Research in Motion (RIM) and have become the gadgets for many out there on the road, professionals and executives. What are they like?

Ok, let's get one thing straight from the outside. These phones are very much geared towards those people who are out of the office a lot but need that connection back at the office at all times.

Known for their QWERTY keypad and high resolution screen, style, design, looks and lots of other features, Blackberry phones are often known these days as business phones giving a status symbol to it's user. They are equipped with EDGE and GPRS thereby giving you quick access to the internet, and with Bluetooth wireless technology meaning that connectivity will never be an issue for you.

These phones are famous for their connectivity and by nature are both handhelds and business phones. Actually they are as close to a pc as you will ever find which of course means that the software system will need to be updated annually, but do not worry – this is quick, easy and effortless.

The latest Blackberry phones (at the time of writing) are very high-tech, desired and preferred by most professionals and executives who need to be online most of the time and so they do of course come with the latest technologies and functionalities. Most are multi-band and some are even quad-band so they can be used in any country that has GSM. These phones are also light in weight which is great if you are actually out and about a lot and do not want to be burdened with a bulky device.

An important point here is that at the time of writing, Blackberry phones are not eligible for insurance but they do come to you with an extremely important one year warranty. This may have changed at the time of reading so please check this before purchase.

There are many of these superb phones available today like the 8800, the Pearl and the Curve and over 9 million BlackBerry phones have been sold around the world so they really are a sure winner.

The host of features and capabilities found within the Blackberry phones include email, internet applications, instant messaging, text messaging and lots of other neat features all enclosed in a sleek device. Probably just what you're looking for.


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