Just like any other product such as cell phones, computers and vehicles, running shoes have also continued to evolve in a dynamic marketplace. Running shoes are the most important piece of gear for a runner. They help prevent injury and may help the runner improve his gait. The market for running shoes is huge and most running shoe companies make a significant investment into the technology and science of running shoes.

Runners need the best protection that shoes can provide. A running shoe needs to absorb shock and control motion, while also offering flexibility and durability.

Late afternoon is the best time to shop for running shoes. The feet get bigger during the day and are at its peak in the late afternoon. For the best fit, an individual must check for adequate length by determining if there is a full thumb width between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe. The toe box should allow the toes to move around freely. The heel must not slip or rub against the shoe. An individual must try on several brands and models, as they will all have different fit and comfort characteristics. It is important to make sure that the sole flexes easily where the foot flexes. It is recommended that an individual buy shoes that have removable inner soles.

Due to the complexity of individual feet, it is difficult to objectively define the features of the best running shoe. Every runner, brand and model of running shoe differs. The challenge is to match the features of each runner to the features of a particular brand and model of running shoe. That is why it is important to visit specialty running shoe stores that offer expert advice and help find the best shoe that suits an individuals needs. It is recommended that only those individuals with knowledge of their foot biomechanics should make purchases online.


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