Battery powered lantern lights for camping like from Coleman and other outdoor gear companies are useful and safe. You'll see the LED white bulbs in many models, but other colors are available as well. Both normal and rechargeable batteries in these devices are available for sale.

The conventional and old style lanterns are mostly propane or other fuel powered light like kerosene. Then, there are plug in lights as well if you are RV camping or at a camp site with power. But, for the most part, these are not available and many campers rely on batteries and battery powered lighting options.

The bad thing about fuel lanterns is that they smell and are sometimes dangerous. Also, you have to carry fuel around. Batteries are more readily available and are safe. The new ones are also rechargeable as well. So, you will not just be wasting your money.

Most of the battery powered lantern lights use small double A or triple A batteries as well. This is due tot he LED light bulbs that are used these days. No longer do you need to carry huge D cell or C cell batteries. This can be as cumbersome as carrying around gas like propane.

A battery powered lantern can be small and used for hiking or a larger one that can be used at the base camp for lighting a picnic table or main area that is away from the camp fire. Also, there are battery-powered lights that can be used as interior tent lighting. These lights are so versatile for camping and for backyard BBQs and any other time when portable light is needed.

Another great reason to go for battery operated lights like the new camping lanterns for sale is to be green. If you're in the outdoors, might as well be kind to mother nature by using rechargeable batteries in your camping devices and tools. Bring enough batteries to power what you'll be using, then take them home to recharge so they can be used again. These lanterns are just another great use of technology for sustainability.

For brighter light needs, definitely go for a higher lumen rating. These will be a little more expensive, so get the amount of power and light that you need for your purposes if you are on a budget. Being able to see at night while camping is important, so if you have not already, look for a great battery powered lantern.


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