The bar is the heart of any pub, restaurant and hotel. It is a place for meeting, relaxing and socializing and a good one will do just as much for an establishment's reputation as a bad one will to tarnish it.

Hygiene and cleanliness are there before essential in helping ensure a bar is a nice place to be. Cleaning in itself can be a challenge, especially in a busy establishment which is why it is important to ensure you have the right bar equipment and accessories to ensure the it is kept clean and dry.


Prevention is so much easier than cure, especially when it comes to spills and moisture on the bar. Nothing will infuriate a customer than his or her sleeve becoming sodden with spills.

Drip trays are essential for underneath beer pumps. Not just because it will help ensure beer is not fired over the surface but also it will prevent spills on the floor which can be a hazard for staff. But also bar trays should be considered too. Not all bar trays are unattractive either. They are often produced in brass or other metals to provide the right aesthetics.

But drip trays are not the only solution when it comes to spills. Drinks mats are also essential and they can range too; from the small cardboard coasters handed out by the breweries to larger heavy duty glass mats.


Cleaning of the bar should be connected through the service. Both a damp and dry cloth should regularly be used to mop up spills and to ensure the surface is dry before each customer.

The bar should also be cleaned and polished after each service. This may seem a laborious task but a good polish is essential to protect the surface.


Ensuring litter is removed from the area is also important for it's general appearance. Ashtrays (if smoking is permitted) should be regularly emptied and cleaned while crisps packets, empty glasses and other items should be removed swiftly.

A good waste bin behind the bar is also essential and should be considered as essential as other bar equipment and bar accessories.


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