ASICS is the acronym company name from the Latin "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano". Meaning "Sound Mind in a Sound Body". ASICS men's running shoe technology puts the Worlds' feet back 40,000 years. In our prehistoric past, man's feet were tough and flexible from running barefoot on the tenant turf of the savanna. ASICS men's running shoes replace the savanna turf for modern runner's feet. There are 3 key technological strides (ouch! Puns afoot) that make ASICS men's running shoes a giant leap forward to our evolutionary past.

Impact Guidance System (IGS). IGS is the engineered sole of the shoe, with several interlocking parts to give a smooth landing every time you hit the ground running. Central to the IGS is 'solyte', a copolymer layer used to make up the midsole. Solyte is light yet robust, less than half the weight of other materials. Less weight and a flexible midsole to allows the foot inside the shoe to flex naturally. Solyte is long-lasting and impact-absorbing at every stride.

V-Trusses. These are the skeleton of the shoe giving it rigidity. Individual runners need bespoke rigidity and support. The ones with few V-Trusses get minimum cushioning while increasing V-Trusses gives more rigidity and protection.
ASICS gel cushioning system. Ancient man's feet were genetically disposed to absorb impact, not so for modern man. The shoe softens impact with each footfall. Twist GEL is the modern equivalent of ancient mans hard-worn feet. It is designed to push out in all directions like the fatty tissue on our feet.


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