Touted by Apple as the best way to experience the web, email, photo and videos, this nifty device's arrival has been the subject of speculation among the fans for many years before it was finally introduced this 2010. Although many people were amazed by its capabilities , there are some who were clearly not impressed. Want to know what the iPad tablet is all about? Then read this short iPad review to find out more.

If you're familiar with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, you may look at the iPad as nothing more than its larger counterpart, but in reality, the iPad can deliver so much more. From surfing the internet to sending email, the iPad ensures that you stay updated and connected to the world. The iPad can also give you an easy access to entertainment so whether you want to watch a movie, or listen to music or even play a game; it's all within your fingertips. And since it also comes with the iBooks app, reading is made pleasurable again, with its simple user interface. The iPad can be used in practice any way that you please since this is one device that has the capability to work in any orientation you prefer.

The iPad boasts of having a high resolution 9.7 inch display with the LED-backlit IPS so that you get nothing but the clearest and most vivid of colors any time. Its unique display lets you to experience pictures and videos on a screen that has amazing color and contrast. The Multi-Touch interface that you first experienced on the iPod Touch or the iPhone was improved on the IPad so that you get a chance response every time you lay your finger on it. So it does not matter if you're zooming into a picture, or reading an iBook, you will not feel a lag in the iPad's response. Probably the best thing about the iPad is that it makes use of the same battery technology that all Mac notebook computers have so it's powered with up to 10 hours of battery life.

With a height of 9.56 in., A width of 7.47 in., And a weight of around 1.5 – 1.6 lbs., You can take this iPad anywhere you go. The 1Ghz Apple A4 custom-designed processor makes it a device that is in a class of its own. Choose between the Wi-Fi model and the Wi-Fi + 3G model depending on what you think would suit your lifestyle best. The Wi-Fi model is readily available on the Apple site and retails from $ 499 – $ 699 depending on its capacity while the Wi-Fi + 3G model is priced from $ 629 – $ 829. Although the 3G plan is sold separately when purchasing this mode, you can easily get your hands on one just by purchasing a no-contract 3G service from AT & T.

So there's your Apple iPad Tablet Review. If the Apple iPad appeals to you in more ways than one, then it's about time that you start to treat yourself to this new and improved piece of Apple ingenuity.


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