If you are one of the millions of Apple fanatics and tech geeks who are curious waiting for the release of Apple's most anticipated baby, then this iPhone 5 review may serve as an appetizer to iPhone's 5th generation launching. Different blogs and articles on iPhone 5 review have spread all over the Internet-each proving how prominent this phone is since the birth of its contemporaries and each giving you a hint that the next generation of iPhone will make another stone in this modern world. But you may probably ask if this 5th generation of iPhone is still practical to chase after. Well, in this iPhone 5 review, you may just find out that the new generation of iPhone can bear plenty of reasons why it is great to spend on a high end phone.


One reliable fact about the iPhone 5 is that it is certain to have a larger storage capacity. With the introduction of A5 processor, Apple will have to upgrade their phone one notch up enough to go with the processor. IPhone 5 is believed to have a dual core processor that will speed up its loading and ease multitasking. It will also use a 4G network that is great for video chatting.


While you can observe that capacity details are consistent on every iPhone 5 review; imaging, however, is another story. You can still find some variations on issues about the built in camera which was said to range from 8 up to 12 megapixels. Although, it is certain that to match a higher resolution, iPhone 5 will be out with a graphic chip that can provide better image and video quality, allowing tech geeks to view films in full HD.


The look, of course, is something people can not wait to see. Some suggest that it may come in a thinner and lighter form and it is also expected to come with a larger screen to offer the best of experiencing full HD videos. Speaking of videos, iPhone 5 will also provide a crisper sound quality, in favor to the music lovers.


On top of these specs, what makes most fanatics more interested in iPhone 5 are the specifications that you can get from every iPhone 5 review – it is designed to last longer. Aside from having a stronger signal, it will also come in a tougher screen-scratch free, shatter proof and drop resistant. The features are also designed along with a longer battery life. Plus, it will also have a facial recognition feature to keep your phone files private and it also has a built in GPS that need not to be installed.

From summarizing every iPhone 5 review , you will surely be able to get the gist of having a 5th generation iPhone-having a worth spending quality phone. As this iPhone 5 review suggested earlier, the new iPhone will be worth chasing as this is designed for techies who are after a durable, stylish, high end phone that is, still, practical to have.


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